All the tickets created through the platform store securely encrypted user data on the blockchain with a name, phone number, email, and optionally a photo url. With this approach, there is a provable way that the data was not tampered with.

Only the ticket provider that created a ticket has decryption keys to read it and check its integrity.

Example of encypted user data inside of the ticket metadata:

"name": "John Doe Singing Live",
"description": "World tour 2022",
"image": "ipfs://bafybeid4ubysaogzkd4y5wd5s463gm7py4uwuqmrzac3l77rtgknfohm7u/image.jpeg",
"user": {
"content": "22b3d5160a858df869ffe9cb7222dba20eb6fcb40a41d8210c21e5d9e5204628"

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