Create a new user

Creates new user on the Valicit platform and on the blockchain.

When a request to create a user is received, a new user wallet gets created on the blockchain and stored securely in the encrypted storage.

Because of the nature of blockchains the operation can take some time. For this reason, each request responds with a unique user uuid and has a "creating" status.

As soon as operation gets completed, the status of the user changes to "active" and is ready to be used. Usually, it takes up to 5 seconds to complete.

After the user becomes active, the response object gets populated with a walletAddress property, which holds a unique user’s wallet address.

Update a user

Updates the user data on the Valicit platform.

Allows to change the main user’s information.

Get a user by uuid

Finds the user information on Valicit platform based on the provided unique uuid.

When a request to get a user information is received, the response object will contain all the information about the user and its current status.

This method should be used to periodically check if user status has changed from "creating" to "active".

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